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Almost everyone who visits the Oaxaca coast becomes enamored of it to the point even of wanting to live here some day. And each year many visitors become homeowners in this tropical paradise. That's my story. However, foreigners are often not sufficiently acquainted with Mexican and Oaxacan real estate laws and practices to make informed choices about where to buy and how to build, and therein lies the rub.

Oaxaca Coast: The Lay of the Land is the result of five years of research on Mexican laws and local practices, during which time I bought land and built a house in Puerto and wrote articles on real estate, among other topics, for this magazine. I am convinced, no matter what the cynics say, that buying and building here do not have to be a gamble; but you do have to have some basic knowledge before you start.

In this book you will learn the basics of how to find a property and the safest way to buy one. Since foreigners are not allowed to own land on the coast, there are various legalities (a bank trust, a Mexican corporation, etc.) that must be observed, depending on the area you wish to live in.

Do you want to buy a house, remodel an old one, or build your own house? I built mine and I have lots of money-saving tips. Construction can be great fun, or it can be gut-wrenching. I had a wonderful experience, and you can too.

FM-3 Visas

If you plan to live in Mexico most of the year, or if you want to keep a car here, you will want to have an FM-3 resident visa. Otherwise, a six-month tourist visa is all that you will ever need. The chapter on the FM-3 visa tells you where is the best place to get it and when is the best time of year. It also explains renewals and gives important time-saving tips.

Knowing how local government works in Oaxaca is essential to living here. Your road may not get paved, but at least you will know who is responsible.

Finally, I have included a section on day trips, because we all want to get out of town sometimes. Visiting the places I discuss will also give you a better understanding of the cultural and geographic variety of the coast and may even influence where you ultimately decide to live.

Even if you are not in the market for real estate now, I hope this book will allow you to plan for a happy future in our paradise.

To order a copy of this book, please contact me for more information